"Afronauts" is a collection inspired by the Zambian space mission of the early 1960's that was created by a school science teacher in light of the race to space between Russia and The United States.  The mission involved taking a 19 year old girl and 2 cats to space, needless to say, the mission failed due to unforeseeable circumstances and the story has since been buried in the past.

Of late, various artists have taken interest in the story, for example, Christina de Middel and her photo series and Frances Bodomo's short film of the same name, that narrate the story in a very unique light. The story of Africa being a poor continent is over told and is perhaps too simplistic but these two artists approach it with fresh perspectives. 

Africa is one and many things at the same time. This story tells a tale of how innovation and courage were used to do the unthinkable. Especially just after Zambia had gained independence, a confusing and unpredictable period, a school science teacher took a leap of faith, and looked towards the moon.